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Joseph Variscos documentary project really got me thinking about the places online where I started to notice myself. What were the spaces where I first saw my reflection or started to gain an idea of what I could be, what I am, what I want to be? One of those spaces is Glitterpolitic. Anyone who knows me well will be able to tell you about my quiet fandom of Jessica Luxury and Majestic Legay. Jessica and Majestic are a couple of queers who met on the internet, fell in love, made a nest together across international borders, got married, and educate myself and tons of other queers every day about sex, beauty, fashion, gender, and overall queerness. My first introduction to this dynamic duo was through Majestic’s collaborative blog, Glitterpolitic.

thnx glitterpolitic

I can’t describe the blog any better than Majestic and co-author, Ashley Aron.

“Glitter Politic is self-love blown open.

Glitter is a beautiful external reflection of the brightest, most powerful light that shines inside each one of us. In a world that makes hating yourself and others so easy and available, embodying a radical politic of glitter is challenging. By doing so, we accept and perpetuate the radical notion that there is enough room for all of us to shine. We believe that by nurturing an ethic of compassion, kindness, and bad-ass love for ourselves, we can create space in our communities where that love is not a limited resource. Glitter politic means supporting, encouraging, and making visible the multifaceted ways in which we present, resist, and survive within our communities. Glitter politic means banishing the normative, oppressive, patriarchal, capitalist, imperialist ideology that the world isn’t big enough for all of our bodies, ideas, and voices” (glitterpolitic.tumblr.com).

On the blog, Majestic and Ashley answer questions, tell stories, communicate, create, and catalog the meanings of body love, femininity, masculinity, and queer space/identities have in their lives. In sharing this blog with you, I want to make a point about the importance of solidarity. Remember way back at the beginning when I decided I wanted to discover the meanings queer folks find online? Solidarity is a huge one. Solidarity is the degree to which people integrate with others who share aspects of identity in groups. In essence, solidarity describes what ties people together. What are the bridges and bindings that allow us to feel a sense of community? (Jary and Jary 621) Much like what I did when I declared us all queer back in the very beginning, Glitterpolitic creates an atmosphere that allows queer people to seek connection by identifying with the experiences of others. (Are you hearing framing here?)

xxnova writes in to the blog saying:

“thank you so very much for this tumblr. It has made me infinitely more comfortable with my gender identity & body image. Please continue doling out generous servings of wonderful” (glitterpolitic.tumblr.com).

The power of solidarity comes from understanding, commonality, difference, and dissent. It comes from support. It comes from radical honesty and self-evaluation. For this queer (and many others from what I can gather), the internet is dripping with solidarity. This is just one example of where those drops gather.

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