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Heavy Petting

Now, because I am such a fan of Jessica and Majestic, I’m going to start of this next theme section by talking about them again. Are you surprised? Didn’t think so. Another grandiose theme I have discovered in my endless creeping of the queer web is very sexual. It’s sexy. It’s sextastic. It’s sex. Now, I’m not really talking about porn. The prevalence of internet porn is dramatic and interesting (for more info, check out these infographics), but what I’m talking about is a second tier of solidarity in a way: Sexual solidarity created through imagery and advice. The internet is a place where we find out how weird we are (sexually and otherwise) and that it’s actually okay.

The Luxery-Legays, as well as others who I will link at the bottom of this post, are independent queer sex educators who provide images, experiences, and advice to help people along in their process of sexual self-realization. They write:

“As heavy petters, we believe that people should be able to access funny, relevant, helpful, non-judgmental and supportive information that has the potential to enrich their lives, relationships and sexcapades” (heavypettingtalktv.tumblr.com).

Jessica and Majestic proclaim that they are sick of standing by while sex-educators miss the mark on queer sexuality and relationships. They believe it’s time for people to take sex-ed into their own hands and show those looking how radical, educational, and pleasurable sex can be. In his book “The Trouble with Normal: Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life,” Michael Warner writes the following.

“The culture has thousands of ways for people to govern the sex of others–and not just harmful, coercive sex, like rape, but the most personal dimensions of pleasure, identity, and practice. We do this directly, through prohibition and regulation, and indirectly, by embracing one identity or one set of tastes, as though they were universally shared, or should be” (Warner 2).

Queer online sex educators like Jessica and Majestic go against such normative sex discourses to empower their audience on such topics as fisting, scissoring and submission, and self love.

They get how cool they are.

Below are some other queer online sex-ed resources to check out. The best part of this whole theme is–if you don’t see what you want, you can publish it yourself. No, but seriously, do it. And send me the link.




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