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rolling on ahead

So, I started this blog for academic purposes. If you’ve seen it or if you’re seeing it now than I’m sure you were aware of that, to some level. But all that is over now. Well….in a week. Exactly one week. Between now and next Friday at 2pm I intend to:

  • finish my thesis
  • expand the theoretical framework of my thesis into a 25 page contemporary theory analysis
  • create a zine about best practices for organizing a collective

After that I will proceed to…

  • clean my bathroom
  • replace all the dead lightbulbs in my apartment
  • cook all the things
  • christen my new StickyFingers bakingbook
  • donate 3/4 of my clothes
  • pack everything.
  • graduate. graduate. graduate.

Now, if you’re anything like my dear father, you’ll be asking yourself a very important question about now…”How does any of this affect me?” How lovely that you should ask! It affects you because I’m going to start writing about whatever I want. I’m going to start writing about my life and my love life and moving to Seattle (You guyz I’m moving to Seattle) and my toenails and sex and edible things and non edible things and other things. And you are going to start reading it. #BAM. Don’t worry, I expect that because it’s coming out of my mind, it will still be fairly queer and convoluted. Toodles.